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Napkin stories – Toronto – not quite the announcement expected

Sorry folks. This won’t quite be the announcement you may have envisaged.

Word of the project has taken a little more time to filter around Toronto writers, so we’re still in need of your stories. We have a few (very grateful, thanks), but would love to look at more stories.

So, we’re re-opening submissions for ten days. Close is now 18 July at midnight (your midnight, not ours).

We realise this is a little frustrating for those who have already submitted stories, but we’ll be providing you with feedback in the meantime – and you’re also welcome to submit more stories.

We’re after tales of mystery and imagination, stories to chill your spine and prickle the skin, tales of spooks and mishaps and misdeeds, or anything else you can imagine that is somehow related to Hallowe’en.

Submission guidelines are here. Go to it, and our apologies again to those expecting an announcement.


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