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To order titles, please email us at tinyowlworkshop[at]gmail[dot]com or visit our online store.

JOY by Andy Geppert

Written and illustrated by Andy Geppert, Joy is a gentle story of a small girl who follows a tiny grandmother rainbow around the garden and finds herself and everything around her changed.

MEEP by Andy Geppert

Longlisted for a Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award, Andy Geppert’s MEEP is a story about a baby peacock who gives away his feathers to help his friends feel better about the way they look. It’s a story about kindness, friendship and ultimately being happy with the oddities and beautiful imperfections that make you, you and me, me.

Will You Be My Sweetheart? by Tiny Owl Wokshop

When a strudel-loving knight goes looking for a sweetheart in all the wrong places, disappointment follows until the knight learns to look a little closer to home. This Beautifully illustrated comic book by David Parkinson is a story about love and friendship, and the strange ways people go about finding them.

About the illustrator: David Parkinson is an illustrator, writer and bird seer from glorious Manchester (UK). The letters tattooed across his knuckles spell “kindness”.


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