We love great stories told well.


Tiny Owl Workshop is interested in publishing stories – good stories that readers will love. We’re also committed to providing opportunities for writers to connect with readers, communities and each other in ways that are a little different.

New books

Joy – a beautifully illustrated picture book written and illustrated by Andy Geppert, Joy is a gentle story of a small girl who follows a tiny grandmother rainbow around the garden and finds herself and everything around her changed.

Open projects

  • Stage 3 – The Lane of Unusual Traders is open from 30 September 2016 to 28 February 2017. Get ready to go underground, get ready to fight.
  • The Westbury Faery book: a joint publishing project with the World Faery Society  and Terry Whidborne. Submissions for flash fiction and short stories are now open, closing midnight 28 February 2017.

Coming Soon

  • Curious – coming soon in 2017
  • Handmade Tales – Limited run handmade picture books. Submissions open in February 2017.
  • The Curious Coaster Show: a joint project between 7thWorld and Tiny Owl Workshop. Opens in 2017.
  • Flight – a rich and evocative re-telling of Grimm tale The Raven. Written by multi-award winner Angela Slatter and illustrated by the equally awarded Kathleen Jennings.

In production

  • The Lane of Unusual Traders – A world building project Stage 1 and 2.
  • Unfettered – An illustration led project, with wonderful illustrations by Terry Whidborne. Stories are being designed.
  • Noveltinis – They Built Us Out of Buried Things by Sophie Overett (edited by Kahli Scott), and A lantern carried down a dark path by Stephen Wright. Both stories are in the edit phase.
  • Brambles – A tale of three doomed illustrators sent on an impossible mission to destroy the heart of a malevolent bramble bush. Created collaboratively using random generation techniques, the adventurer’s survival hinges on the winds of fate. Written and developed by Samuel Maguire, with Harry Vening, Claire Renton, Luke Brook and Levin Poropat.
  • The Gypsy, the Gentleman and the Giant Plum – an illustrated fable by musician and sometime Mouldy Lover Jennifer Horn.
  • Peace Letters – A collection of letters to Peace.

Once upon a time

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