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Halloween napkin stories – Toronto authors

Thanks for your patience folks, and particular thanks to all the Toronto writers who submitted their work for this round of napkin stories. But, the judges notes are in and the authors we’ve chosen are:

  • James Beaton – The Old Man
  • Taylor Marie Graham – Up Linda’s Stairs
  • Douglas McLeod – A Spectre’s Soliloquy
  • Hilary Slater – King of Hallowe’en
  • Katja John – Pumpkin Pie
  • Julia Chan – The constellation of it
  • Robin McLeod – Oubliette
  • Tamara Hecht – Monsterville

The napkins will be designed and printed by the wonderful Creative Emporium and The Hungry Workshop then spread thickly around cafes such as: Little Prince Espresso; Avid Reader; Southside Tea Room; Outlaws Yacht Club; Friends of Ham and others.

You can check out the list of Leeds authors here, and the Brisbane authors here and then join us at Halloween for a little fun.

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