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The Lane of Unusual Traders – Short Stories

A very warm-hearted, Tiny Owl thanks to all those who opened their well inked imaginations and pulled out short stories to help bring the world of Midlfell and The Lane of Unusual Traders into being. You made judging hard, and that’s quite a privilege really.

We hope you join us in congratulating those chosen as the first short story denizens of The Lane of Unusual Traders. They are:

  • Amy Griswold – Figs and Roses
  • Cassandra Khaw – Ye Olde House of Godparts
  • Chris White – Goodbye, Sweet Angus
  • Clodagh O’Brien – Etta’s Sweetery
  • Dave Versace – The Teahouse of Serendipitous Unions
  • Jodi Cleghorn – Womb-Of-Mine
  • Joyce Chong – Midlfell Wine and Spirits
  • Kathleen Jennings – Springs Eternal
  • Lois Spangler – The House of Depthless Ink
  • Marianna Shek – Thi’s Tonsure Terrarium
  • Megan Arkenberg – Hangman’s Mercy
  • Nick Banach – Jolal
  • Patrick Scalisi – Gilantine Imports
  • Robert G. Cook – At the Whole-in-the-Whorl
  • Tom Dullemond – The Conumbrum

We’ll post more about the authors soon, and you’ll find their stories scampering around in the grime of the snickelways and alleys of The Lane in 2015.


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