Tiny Owl Workshop. Great stories told well.

What’s where in The Lane of Unusual Traders

After checking through stories, scribbling on maps and throwing back an alarming amount of green tea, the Stage 1 Story Lots for The Lane of Unusual Traders have been allocated as follows:

  • Lot 1 is The Jolly Strangler (story by Tiny Owl Workshop)
  • Lot 2 is Orran’s Music Emporium (story by M. M. De Voe)
  • Lot 3a is the home of Jolal (story by Nick Banach)
  • Lot 3b is Seeing (story by Tam Quinn)
  • Lot 4 is The Conumbrum (story by Tom Dullemond)
  • Lot 5a is Potential (story by Ian Versace)
  • Lot 5b is a shop that just appears in Giving and Taking Away (story by Jim Stutz)
  • Lot 6 is Thi’s Tonsure Terrarium (story by Marianna Shek)
  • Lot 7 is Used God Parts (story by Cassandra Khaw)
  • Lot 8 is Caesura (story by S. G. Larner)
  • In-between Lots 7-8 is The Last Gasp (story by Debb Bouch)
  • Lot 9 is The Crippled Door (story by Tom Wells)
  • Lot 10 is The Lions (story by Madison Dusome)
  • Lot 11 is Hangman’s Mercy (story by Megan Arkenberg)
  • Lot 12 is Womb-of-Mine (story by Jodi Cleghorn)
  • Lot 13 is Sugarman (story by Steve Toase)
  • Lot 14 is Etta’s Sweetery (story by Clodagh O’Brien)
  • Lot 15 is Figs and Roses (story by Amy Griswold)
  • Lot 16 is Midlfell Wine and Spirits (story by Joyce Chong)
  • Lot 17 is Gantline Imports (story by Patrick Scalisi)
  • Lot 18a is Whole-in-the-Whorl (story by Rob Cook)
  • Lot 18b is Irrealty and Ferns (story by Rob Cook)
  • Lot 19 is Springs Eternal (story by Kathleen Jennings)
  • Lot 20 is House of Depthless Ink (story by Lois Spangler)
  • Lot 21 is The Lost Chapel of Santa Lusca (story by Aimée Lindorff)
  • Lot 22 is Open Throat Tavern (story ‘Venom’ by Deborah Walker)
  • Next door to Lot 22 is Juno Filth’s Pest Shop (story by Jenifer Purse)
  • Lot 23 is The Teahouse of Serendipitous Unions (story by David Versace)
  • Goodbye, Sweet Angus (story by Chris White) takes place on the streets

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