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No Point in Stopping


If you’re in Brisbane on 26 April, please join us at Avid Reader Bookshop for the launch of No Point in Stopping (our first Noveltini) by Samuel Maguire.

About No Point in Stopping

No Point in Stopping is a small memoir of fisticuffs, phobias and the kind of surrealist battles that would inspire Leonora Carrington to pick up a sword and join in the fight. But mostly, No Point in Stopping is a tale of family, and one young man’s journey to find himself in a haze of bipolar, meds, weed, magic and backstreet Brisbane share-house parties.

About Sam

Sometimes it’s the scary-crazy stuff that makes a good storyteller, and Sam Maguire has been telling stories about the scary-crazy stuff in his life since the age of four. Diagnosed with bipolar type one at 19, Sam writes with a rare empathy that comes from having lived in dark places and having fought fantastical battles.

Sam writes and works in Brisbane where he lives with his wife, Claire a talented animator. He loves his family, is a keen role-player and, in-between making coffees, can be found working on a memoir of nightmares, a collection of short stories and Brambles, a collaborative graphic novel. No Point in Stopping is Sam’s first novel.

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