Tiny Owl Workshop. Great stories told well.

Short story: We saw the same sky

Jane Bryony Rawson

My short story, We saw the same sky, published in the current Overland, is now online and free to read. I wrote the first draft of this story in response to a story prompt provided by the gorgeous small publisher, Tiny Owl Workshop. They were sourcing stories for an anthology, Unfettered (which I believe will be published soon), based on illustrations by Terry Whidborne (including the one I used, ‘Swallows‘). It was also a response to a report that claimed then-immigration minister Scott Morrison had told asylum seekers on Manus that “even in your dreams, you are not going to make it to Australia“. Oh yeah, ScoMo, I thought: how exactly are you going to stop them dreaming about Australia?

Anyway, the result was We saw the same sky. Thank you to Jen Mills for doing such a great job editing and…

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