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Krampus Crackers

Krampus, the chain-dragging, cloven-footed, birch-rod-wielding Alpine myth. A monster who punishes all the children who end up on the naughty list made his debut in 2014.

The call out was for 24 Christmas-themed flash fiction inspired by the Krampus myth. Twelve stories from Brisbane and 12 stories from Leeds (UK), accompanied by six illustrations by artists including Terry Whidborne, Kathleen Jennings and Simon Cottee.

The chosen stories were then printed and made into sets of ‘Krampus Crackers’, to be distributed in various cafes and places around Brisbane and Leeds for Christmas 2014.

The project was co-managed across two countries by authors, Kahli Scott from Brisbane and Vicky Pointing from Leeds.

About Kahli

Kahli Scott is a Brisbane-based writer. She studied Creative and Professional Writing at Queensland University of Technology, and won the 2013 State Library of Queensland Young Writers Award for her short story ‘Lingerie’. She has been involved in local literary events such as ‘Yarn‘ and the QWC ‘Whispers’ salon, and is excited by the burgeoning literary scene in Brisbane and beyond.

About Vicki

Vicky Pointing is a Leeds-based writer. She was born in Brunei in 1978, and has had around 18 different addresses across various countries and continents. She has been in Leeds for almost 13 years now, which is the longest she’s stayed anywhere.

Some of her proper jobs (teacher, careers adviser, events coordinator) have been brilliant, but she’s been writing since the age of seven and has never stopped wanting to write. Eventually, in August 2012, she got up the courage to apply to the MA in Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam, and was hugely excited when they accepted her onto the course.

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