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Win Krampus Crackers

It must be time for a Krampus Crackers giveawaaaaayyyyyyyyy.
That’s 12 dark and stormy short stories by Aus authors, illustrated by award winning artists, wrapped in a beautifully letterpresses cracker designed by the not-naughty folk at Creative Emporium.

Tell us what insect you’d put on Krampus’ naughty list for Christmas, for a chance to win 1 of 6 Krampus Crackers sets (Aus only sorry – winners announced 6pm Sunday 20 Dec).

(Photo by the lovelies at Creative Emporium)


8 Responses to “Win Krampus Crackers”

    • tinyowlworkshop

      Hey Faith, could you email us your postal details (tinyowlworkshop[at]gmail[dot]com) and we’ll send you a Krampus Crackers pack.
      Thanks for joining in.

  1. littlemissw

    Blowflies. There’s something about their greasy, dark brown bodies, swinging dozily through the air, accompanied by the jet-propeller hum of their wings that makes my stomach churn. At the same time, they’re so pathetic – too slow to avoid the fly swat or spray, too disgusting to be welcome at Christmas lunch, they’re like bumble bees without the beauty or the honey.

    Merry Christmas.


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