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The Lane of Unusual Traders (Stage 2) – Short Stories

Those most excellent judges Andrea Baldwin and Tom Dullemond have once again scoured through your submissions to find the short stories they believe will add most to The Lane of Unusual Traders.

It’s no easy task, and Tiny Owl is very grateful for their time, unnatural levels of enthusiasm, and odd tendency to duel over choices.

A bigger than BIG thanks also to all the writers who chose to submit their work, we know that’s no easy task either, and we appreciate your tales.

But, the short stories chosen for Stage 2 of The Lane of Unusual Traders are:

  • Anja Rowston – Shadow Puppets
  • Ben Walter – The Crowns of the Witan
  • Dan Baker – Every Nook and Cranny
  • Josh Turner – Mezir’s Rare and Wonderful Emporium
  • Linda Brucesmith – The Ink Spot
  • Meryl Stenhouse – The Ministry of Conversation
  • Michael Kelly – The Seller of Cast-off Destinies
Judges tales:

Congratulations to all the authors, we look forward to bringing their tales to you soon while we work on setting up Stage 3.

Stage 2 Map

Stage 2 Map by @tezzabold

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