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Noveltini Guidelines

What’s a Noveltini, you ask? Well, they’re small books of 10,000 to 25,000 words – that’s smaller than your average novella.

Noveltinis may be self-contained or serialised.

They are the kind of stories that seem small but leave you feeling bigger, somehow.

They’re stories written for adult or young adult readers, but may have child protagonists.

These stories may be set in this world or some other world, and in the here and now or the once upon a time.

Noveltinis offer readers something more than ‘she had porcelain skin and cerulean blue eyes.’ They offer readers a genuine diversity of characters, but don’t beat readers over the head with issues or adjectives.  Noveltinis are about the characters and their journeys, and the quality of the writing.

Noveltinis may be fast-paced, quiet, funny, grim, dark, understated, adventurous, suspense-filled or heart-melting. They have a strong tendency not to be about vampires caught in love triangles.

Because Tiny Owl is small, Noveltini stories must be written in English.

Stories will be published in Australia and other English speaking territories as ebooks/print-on-demand.

Manuscripts accepted for publication as a Noveltini will be offered a small advance and royalties.

We’ll be accepting manuscripts from 2 February until midnight 31 May 2015 (Brisbane time).

How to submit manuscripts

Email your submission to tinyowlworkshop@gmail.com with NOVELTINIS included in the subject heading.

Manuscripts must be attached to the email as either doc. docx. or rtf formatted documents. Times New Roman or similar is the preferred font for formatting, and the manuscript should be 1.5 or double-spaced.

In the body of your email briefly introduce yourself and include a one paragraph synopsis of your story.

Remember, you have until midnight 31 May 2015 (Brisbane time) to submit your manuscript.

How we assess manuscripts

The first time we read your story we just read it as any other reader would. If there’s something about your story that sticks with us it will be read again to assess whether it has broader appeal, and how much development work may (or may not) be needed. If we believe it has broader appeal, we’ll be back in touch. If the story isn’t for us, we’ll send you a polite rejection email as soon as we’re able to, but we won’t be able to give you feedback (sorry, but we struggle with the workload as it is).


Questions about Noveltinis may be sent to tinyowlworkshop@gmail.com or submitted via Twitter @tinyowlworkshop or posted to our Facebook page.


Good luck, and thanks for trusting us to read and consider your stories.

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