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Krampus Crackers (Aus)

For Christmas 2014, we took a walk on the wild side. Swapped merry for scary, and got inspired by the chain-dragging, cloven-footed, birch-rod-wielding Alpine myth of Krampus, the Christmas monster who punishes all the children who end up on the naughty list.

Krampus Crackers was a collection of twelve flash fiction stories inspired by the Krampus myth. The collection was curated and edited by Brisbane writer Kahli Scott and the stories were to be found inside beautifully letter-pressed bonbons designed by the lovelies at Creative Emporium. Each story was accompanied by one of six illustrations by wonderful artists Terry Whidborne, Kathleen Jennings, Gustavo Ortega, Seana Seeto, Simon Cottee and Jonah Christians.

The Crackers lurked around Brisbane at: Avid Reader Bookstore; Riverbend Books and Teahouse; Southside Tea Room; and Honour Espresso.


Kahli Scott is a Brisbane-based writer. She studied Creative and Professional Writing at Queensland University of Technology, and won the 2013 State Library of Queensland Young Writers Award for her short story ‘Lingerie’. She has been involved in local literary events such as ‘Yarn‘ and the QWC ‘Whispers’ salon, and is excited by the burgeoning literary scene in Brisbane and beyond.


In each Krampus Cracker was one of twelve stories by an Australian author:

  • Christmas Cake by Amanda Niehaus
  • Mum, I’m In Love With Krampus – Andrei Seleznev
  • The Story-Stealer – CC Macdonald
  • The Horns of Christmas – Omar Sakr
  • Krampus Meets the Original Slashie – Glen Donaldson
  • The Gift – Ira McGuire
  • Give a Shit This Christmas – Ryan Sim
  • How to Survive a Family Christmas with the Norse Gods – Robert G. Cook
  • Kramme Pass – Stuart Dunstan
  • The Christmas Wish – Mish Gittens
  • Reindeer in Admin Roles – Harlan Ambrose
  • Horns – Nicola Nixon

4 Responses to “Krampus Crackers (Aus)”

  1. Recent Publications & Other Things | Scratch That

    […] Lastly, but in no way least, my flash fiction piece, ‘The Horns of Christmas’, has been published by Tiny Owl Workshop in their Krampus Cracker project, in which writers were invited to submit their take on the Krampus mythos and the winning submissions were paired with great illustrators. Needless to say, I can’t wait to get my hands on the final product and if you’re lucky enough to be in Brisbane, you can do so now! Read on here. […]


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