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Unfettered List

Unfettered is Tiny Owl Workshop’s first illustration-led project. Way back, when we asked the ever amazing Terry Whidborne if he’d be the first Unfettered artist he grinned like a maniac, nodded and promptly delivered ten stunning pieces of work. With the illustrations done, we sent word out far and wide hoping that the illustrations would inspire the telling of stories people would love to read.

They did.

Our thanks to all those who wrote their hearts out for ‘Unfettered’, making it an almost impossible task for judges – Terry (of the Whidborne variety), Freya Wright-Brough, Mitchell Grayson and myself (Sue Wright).  I’m incredibly grateful to the judges as (like most) they all work, or work and study, or work and study and write/draw/do law stuff and they worked through the submissions at night and weekends until done.

But, the judging has been done and the judges would like to extend our congratulations to the following writers whose stories will be included in our first Unfettered anthology, released in November 2014:

  • Emilie Collyer – The Beautiful One (Flower) – Melbourne
  • Roisin O’Donnell – Sanctuary (Sleeping) – Dublin
  • Harlan Ambrose – Pale Devil (Black Sunflowers) – Brisbane
  • Lois Spangler – At the Feet of the Hanging Tree (Squirrel Hair) – Brooklyn/Brisbane
  • Tom Dullemond – Black Sunflowers – Brisbane
  • Helen Stubbs – Twire (Sleeping) – Gold Coast
  • Clodagh O’Brien – Black Sunflowers – Dublin
  • Benjamin Hobson – Two Bees (Bees) – Sunshine Coast
  • Sophie Overett – Two Sisters (Sleeping) – Brisbane
  • Chris White – The Stilt Man’s Wife (Crossing) – Brisbane
  • Justine Graykin – Flight (Bees) – New Hampshire
  • Samuel Maguire – Little Souls (Hunters) – Ipswich
  • Rebecca Jordan – Changeling (White Deer) – Escondido
  • Conrad McDonald – The Heart of a Hunter (Hunters) – Melbourne
  • Morgan Maria D’Isidoro – Manor (White Deer) – Catonsville
  • Damian Madden – The Fantastic (Magic) – Sydney
  • Siobhan Gallagher – The Crossing of Koulton Lake (Crossing) – Edinburg Texas
  • Ben Walter – Snares for Our Feet (Swallows) – Hobart

Congratulations to the authors, and thanks again for all the stories.

7 Responses to “Unfettered List”

  1. freyawrightbrough

    Reblogged this on freyawrightbrough and commented:
    This one time I helped judge a competition. It was an illustration led short story comp- now the results are in! Entertaining stories and beautiful illustrations- what more could you want?

  2. Lucy B

    Reblogged this on Conrad McDonald and commented:
    Reblogged on ConradMcDonald. Thanks so much – a real honour to be part of this. Congratulations to all successful writers.


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