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And then there were nine

Welcome to Unfettered, a project which sees an artist’s imagination let loose to create illustrations to inspire writers to do what they do best: write wonderful stories. The artist is Terry Whidborne, creator of Little Lucy, the Witch Project, The Lock (an extraordinary graphic novel in the making) and other creatures you’ll find scuddling across the pages over at the7thworld.com.

 So far, Terry has created 9 illustrations for Unfettered—some are dark, some taunt whimsy, some pluck at heartstrings. All are unspeakably good.

 But what of the 10th, the last illustration? What should it be?

 Well, that’s up to you.

 Send Terry your ideas. The one he likes best will be used to inspire the 10th, and final, Unfettered illustration.

You can find him on Twitter @tezzabold or you can post your idea in the comments below and we’ll be sure and pass them along.

You have until Friday 25th October to send Terry your ideas, and the person whose idea he chooses will receive a book voucher and some bits and bobs from Tiny Owl.

Teaser from Terry Whidborne's Unfettered folio

Teaser from Terry Whidborne’s Unfettered folio

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