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Unfettered – a new Tiny Owl project

A little while ago I picked up a book from Avid Reader Books in Brisbane. The cover illustration was wonderful and we Tiny Owl types love a good illustration. The book was Word Hunters by Nick Earls, illustrated by Terry Whidborne, published by UQ Press (fabulous series of books by the way).

When Nick mentioned Terry on twitter, I clicked, followed, and was delighted to find Terry posted a few sketches every Sunday. Retweeting some of the sketches inspired Chris White  (sometime Tiny Owl writer and lover of prompts) to write some short stories.

Emails happened, meetings were had and we’ve landed at UNFETTERED, a project that will see Terry (@tezzabold on twitter) develop 10 illustrations.

Terry’s Unfettered folio will be let loose in January 2014, then it’s over to the writers.

Submission guidelines will be posted in January, but in the meantime check out Terry’s work at the7thworld.com to get a taste of what’s to come.


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