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Love itself … A work in progress from Tiny Owl

What peeps around corners after napkin stories have been spirited away by word hungry cafe goers, and the occasional Booker Prize winning authorLove itself … of course.

Love itself … is a small book of flash fiction stories from Tiny Owl Workshop, our first book. Well, it’s not a book yet, but it soon will be.

We’ve got Simon Cottee, Lauren Carney, Tony Johnson, Eric Orchard, Scarlett Perkins, Cinnamon Eacott, Rachael Smith and Brian Coldrick (to name a few) working away on some gorgeous illustrations.

And, Oliver Mol, Caroline Eising, Lorraine Slim, David Attenborough, Jerome Bredt, Sian Campbell, James Butler and Trina Denner join the original twelve napkin story authors to bring Love itself … to you soon.

We’ll keep you posted as we pull Love itself … together and get ready to send it out into the world.

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