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The Fabulous Dozen – Napkin Stories

Our thanks to the many writers who submitted stories to Tiny Owl as part of our inaugural napkin story adventure. The theme was ‘love’, and people interpreted that in many and varied ways – which we loved.

The stories we chose are by emerging and aspiring writers, all with a connection to Brisbane.

So, [insert drum roll here] the 12 writers whose stories will soon be appearing on napkins across Brisbane are:

Alana Eising – Love the Sea
Chloe Townson – Be Spontaneous
Elysa Riedel Edmondston – Tea with Grandma Pink
Freya Wright-Brough – God, not another bad hair day
Jack Vening – Connections
John Back – To You
Madeleine Laing – Dealing
Megan McGrath – Yellow Roses
Sam George-Allen – Translucent
Sam Maguire – Non-player character
Steven Beeston – Softness
Tom Heathwood – The Heart

We hope you’ll show these writers some love (in a good way) when their stories are unleashed in cafes and bookshops across Brisbane in February.

Tiny Owl

4 Responses to “The Fabulous Dozen – Napkin Stories”

  1. Matt D

    Hi Tiny Owl, I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea. I have my own project that would require something very similar to what you are doing. I would very much like to talk to you about this idea. If you could email me at matt.amplified@gmail.com that would be great.


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