Tiny Owl Workshop. Great stories told well.

Welcome to Tiny Owl Workshop

Welcome to Tiny Owl Workshop

5 Responses to “Welcome to Tiny Owl Workshop”

  1. FlyInMyWine

    Hi, the napkins from your napkin project were shown in my mums book store, she passed them onto me to read. Great idea and looking forward to more projects that hopefully I can participate in, in the future.

    • tinyowlworkshop

      Fantastic! Which bookshop?
      The next two projects are Unfettered followed by The Lane of Unusual Traders, both will be open for submissions.



      • FlyInMyWine

        Rendezvous at Dayboro is the book shop. Very excited about trying my hand at one of your projects. Thanks.

      • tinyowlworkshop

        Ohhh yes, Rendezvous at Dayboro is lovely and so is your Mum. Do you think she’d like to take some of the Halloween napkins?
        The sub guidelines for Unfettered will be released in January, and The Lane of Unusual Traders in May. The guidelines for both will be open to all.

      • FlyInMyWine

        My mum, Deborah, is always open to new things. Not sure if the shop itself would be getting into the Halloween theme however you can only ask. She is a big fan of yours. I will be visiting the store for one wk at the end of the month so hopefully will see some of your stuff. Due to get some decent books from mins store as I live in rural w.a. Only book available are from a small kmart. Not nice.

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