Tiny Owl

Tiny Owl Workshop is a new, small publisher based in Brisbane. We love great stories, whether they be adventurous, epic, dark, flirtatious, funny, fantastical, sinister, daring, quirky, short, long or anything in-between.

Our logo

If there’s one thing we love as much as stories, it’s art … art and tea. So, we asked the very wonderful Scott Radke to sculpt four owls for us.  He did, and after a long flight from Ohio (poor little mites) they are now settled in the Brisbane owlery.

Members of

Tiny Owl is a member of the mighty Small Press Network and the damn fine Queensland Writers Centre.


General queries may be submitted via email to tinyowlworkshop@gmail.com or you can catch us on Twitter @TinyOwlWorkshop or Facebook.

2 responses to “About

  1. Alexandra Cronin

    I love the entire Idea of this company. I am an inspiring author and places like this make me smile and keeps that small spark of hope in my chest alive. I am going to be checking often for updates about submissions and everything because it all sounds so exciting!

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